08/10/2020 | Pellacani and FAESA have participated in ProCórdoba's Export Development Program since 2018. Both companies have been i... 0

24/09/2020 | The swimming pool manufacturing firm participates in the Export Groups Program run by the Ministry of Industry, Trade an... 1

17/09/2020 | The group comprises 13 companies of the sector that were called to bolster the presence of their products in the domesti... 0

17/09/2020 | Argentine exports during the first seven months in 2020 reached a total 32,291 million dollars, 15.8 percent of which (5... 1

10/09/2020 | Producers and businesspersons of the agricultural sector made their first export of double compressed alfalfa, a product... 0

23/08/2020 | IMEGEN, a metallurgical SME from Tancacha, is fostering the development of the agro-industry, thanks to its export exper... 1

11/08/2020 | Pampa Compañía de Carnes is designing an export strategy that will allow it to introduce a novel product in potential go... 0

23/07/2020 | Oruga is an industrial design studio that manufactures sound effect accessories for percussion instruments. With the tra... 1

16/07/2020 | Brothers Patricio and Manuel Lorenzo, Directors of Establecimiento San Patricio, explained how they succeeded in conduct... 0

15/07/2020 | June saw the PAE Hackathon take place and end on a high note. The event was organized by Socialab Argentina, Pan America... 1