The Foreign Trade Sessions Closed its Seventh Edition

  • The event took place during the month of May and included 25 activities such as program launches, trade missions and training.
  • Its purpose was to put different foreign trade issues on the public agenda.
  • The sessions were conducted virtually, just as in last year, against the backdrop of the pandemic.

The 7th Foreign Trade Sessions came to an end at a ceremony which welcomed Minister of Industry, Trade and Mining of the Province Eduardo Accastello and ProCórdoba Agency's President Jorge Marcotegui.

The sessions were conducted virtually, just as in last year, against the backdrop of the pandemic. The event took place during the month of May and included 25 activities such as program launches, trade missions and training on trade integration, access to markets, specifications on export sectors, state trade promotion policies, public procurement and international cooperation, among others. In addition, this year's edition saw the consolidation of academic programs like postgraduate programs and specializations for the productive sector.

The Sessions, organized by ProCórdoba's Cooperation and International Relations Department, were established with the aim of putting the different foreign trade issues related on the public agenda, so that they come to the fore and thus reach a greater number of people. Part of the Agency's mission is to strengthen the export culture. In line with this, the aim of the May sessions is to show and give visibility to the diversity of foreign trade actors that drive and strengthen Córdoba's export culture.

The Sessions seek to foster concerted work between the public sector, the private sector and academia in a province where the exporting tradition is deeply rooted in its trade history, and to disseminate this experience throughout the province.

These encounters provide a springboard for the establishment of shared research agendas and the creation of internships and collaboration agreements. In addition, they provide insight into the needs of entrepreneurs, which allows their incorporation in ProCórdoba's programs and in the curricula at academic institutions.

During the ceremony, in this year of the 20th anniversary of ProCórdoba Agency, Minister Eduardo Accastello expressed his gratitude to the authorities who in 2001 had the vision to conceive a state policy based on interaction between the public and private sectors: "State policies are political decisions where the actors become subjects of change. Córdoba knows that every crisis is an opportunity and has given its people's talents a prominent place in the institutional framework." He added, "In our Province there is more industrial employment in the midst of the pandemic, and we are striving for more competitiveness and more internationalization. For there to be productive development there must be continuity in policies and there must be human development".

Accastello also said, "I believe that ProCórdoba is no longer exclusively related to the province's international trade, but it has become a state policy that Governor Schiaretti has replicated throughout the different productive sectors of the province. The importance of concerted work and the decisions of the private sector for the improvement of their activity are part of Córdoba's institutional identity. One must also acknowledge the commitment of each one of the sectors, because the first entrepreneur to export in each industry has later become a sponsor for SMEs and helped them be more competitive."

"ProCórdoba is fundamentally a vision of innovation and permanent creativity," concluded the Minister.

For his part, ProCórdoba's president congratulated and praised the work of all the political authorities and the commitment and professionalism of ProCórdoba's staff, who for 20 years have promoted, supported, guided and trusted this organization. ProCórdoba is a state policy that has been sustained over time and which is highly esteemed by the beneficiaries of its work. During these difficult times, we celebrate our anniversary with the conviction that ProCórdoba is always good news, a reason for hope and a clear example that when we get together, with all the talent and creativity we have, we can achieve very important things."

To conclude, president Marcotegui expressed, "Cordoba's SMEs, with all the power and entrepreneurial spirit, make us feel very proud. Last year we were faced with enormous difficulties. Still, we were able to help more than 20 companies achieve their first export. These accomplishments are noteworthy, as is the fact that they were the result of Córdoba's signature public-private joint efforts." He added, "I want to thank all the entities, chambers and directors that are here today and that, having supported the Sessions, contribute to ‘sowing the export seed.'"

In 2021, the Sessions took on particular relevance because this year we are celebrating ProCórdoba Agency's 20th anniversary.

The closing ceremony was attended by authorities and representatives of the public and private institutions that participated in the sessions, as well organizations with which we usually collaborate.

Watch the institutional video prepared for the closing ceremony of the 2021 Foreign Trade Sessions, with greetings from Pablo Sívori, Undersecretary for Trade Strategy and Economic Promotion of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Juan Usandivaras, President of the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency; Horacio Babini, Representative of ACCIÓ Catalunya, Agency for Enterprise Competitiveness; and Mario Lázzaro, General Manager of ProMendoza.

Participating in the 7th Foreign Trade Sessions were the following institutions and agencies:


  • Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency (AAICI).
  • School of Graduate Studies. School of Economic Sciences. National University of Córdoba. Master's Degree in Foreign Trade.
  • National Technological University. Córdoba Regional School. MBA.
  • Center for Technologies Research & Transference and Development Strategies (CITED).
  • Catholic University of Córdoba Business School.
  • School of Political Science and International Relations. Catholic University of Córdoba.
  • Blas Pascal University.
  • Siglo 21 University. Specialization in International Business.
  • Foreign Trade Higher Education Institute. Córdoba Chamber of Foreign Trade.
  • SABER I.S.E.A.N. Business and Administration Higher Education Institute.
  • AmCham Argentina.
  • Customs Brokers Center. Córdoba Branch.
  • Professional Association of Lawyers. International Relations and Cooperation Division.
  • United Risk Consultants.
  • Intercultural Consultants.