Peanut World Achieves First Export

  • The SME from General Deheza has made its first international sale.
  • It shipped 26 tons of processed peanuts to Chile.
  • At the beginning of 2021, it successfully submitted a project to apply for FExIC (the Fund for Export and Internationalization of Cordobese Companies).

The company has been processing and trading in blanched, roasted, salted and spiced peanuts since 2015. Its products have a strong presence in the domestic market and cater to a large part of the country, being sold in bulk and also under the "Manito Snacks" brand. At the beginning of August, it made its first international sale, shipping 26 tons of processed peanuts to Chile.

The company was visited by Minister of Industry, Trade and Mining Eduardo Accastello, who toured the plant and said, "This first export made by Peanut World to Chile is clear proof of what can be achieved by an industrial SME in the interior of Argentina when working with commitment, a powerful human group, and competitive processes. It is also the result of concerted work between the public and private sectors."

In this sense, he pointed out that it is the result of the work done by the company itself, the municipality and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining of Córdoba through ProCórdoba Agency. "The success of Peanut World, established in the Industrial Park of General Deheza, motivates us to continue strengthening industrial parks, industrial promotion policies and teamwork."

"Congratulations to the owners, their staff and the whole team of this firm which is expanding beyond the borders of our province and the country. This is why the Córdoba Administration Model boosts employment and production. This is why Córdoba is becoming the ‘Productive Beacon' of Argentina," concluded Minister Accastello.

Peanut World was born in the city of General Cabrera, and later moved to the Adrián Pascual Urquía Industrial Park in General Deheza. In 2019 it inaugurated its processing plant in the park, which - due to its strategic location in one of the ‘links' of the main peanut production chain in Argentina - has its own bonded warehouse and primary zone, which facilitates foreign trade operations.

The advantages of the new facilities allowed the company to have higher production capacity and quality and to prepare itself to seriously face the challenge of international markets with the advisory of external consultants.

In the short term, the company is looking to close a deal with a client in Uruguay. However, after this first export to Chile, the main objective is to strengthen and cement relations with the client.

On the day of the first export, company owner Santiago Fiorito said, "We buy all the raw material from local producers. We are working and researching the development and the necessary permits to sell our peanut paste and peanut butter, which come with honey or chocolate, for example, in order to put them on the market soon and also to be able to export more added value."

Fiorito added, "We are very happy with the goal achieved." He thanked consulting firm Farías Consultores, which brought them closer to ProCórdoba Agency. Farías and ProCórdoba together accompanied the Peanut World throughout the entire process of evaluating markets, contacting clients, sending samples, obtaining certifications, etc. "At the beginning of 2021 we entered the FExIC Program, and we never thought that we would be able to export our first batch so quickly. In 20 days' time we will be shipping a second truck for the same client."

For his part, Peanut World's foreign trade consultant Ricardo Farías explained that for a company that is just starting out, entering an international market, displacing a competitor, and doing it all virtually is not simple and carries a lot of merit. "It is of great help to get technical and financial assistance from ProCórdoba. The FExIC project approved by the Agency included assistance for becoming GMP-certified, laboratory analyses, and product registration with national and international organizations, among other key aspects."

In addition, in July this year the company joined the Export Development Program (PDE) for the milling sector. Farías explained that this program enhances ProCórdoba's other services because it offers statistics, databases, training, technical assistance and invitations to trade promotion events, such as the upcoming Villa María Exporta Business Round: "Participation in these activities is invaluable, because it provides insight into what clients demand."