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More Cordobese SMEs Export Abroad


  • Terra Agroalimentos SRL achieved its first export, consisting of pulse flour pastas, to the Chilean market.
  • The breakthrough came as a result of the company's participation in the Export Development Program implemented by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining through ProCórdoba Agency.
  • "Córdoba Exports More" is one of the priority lines of work put forward by Minister Accastello in the context of the pandemic in order to increase production and employment, and generate added value.

Terra Alimentos SRL started three years ago. It has developed a novel product in Argentina, truly innovative in the vegan and healthy food markets.

The unique product is pulse flour-made pastas that are sold under the Makarona brand. Managing Partner Cristian Merdinian said,

"All our flours are produced in the Province of Córdoba. We have chickpea, lentil, red bean, black bean and pea pastes. This means that our products are gluten- and sodium- free, as well as rich in proteins and fiber."

The company is located in the Industrial Hub sited at Mi Granja, 17 kilometers East of Córdoba City. It currently employs ten people. With the Makarona brand, the company has gained wide acceptance in the local market and has enjoyed exponential growth. Merdinian shared that they had always planned to eventually join the export market:

"When we decided to take the leap, we learned about the help offered by ProCórdoba. The Agency has been with us every step the way, providing training and financial assistance to engage with foreign markets and meet new clients."

In 2019 the company participated in a trade mission to Chile organized together with the Argentine Embassy. On that occasion, they took part in a series of meetings with potential clients identified by ProCórdoba's Business Intelligence Service.

"We established a good relationship with one of the clients. We closed a deal on our first trip to Chile. We then strengthened the relation by participating in Espacio Food & Service in Santiago de Chile, for which ProCórdoba also provided assistance."

When asked about the firm's prospects in the face of the current situation, the entrepreneur shared a positive view:

"Another trade mission we participated in with ProCórdoba's assistance took place in Paraguay. In that country we also got a new client and closed another sale. We still need some paperwork before shipping the cargo, and the process is taking a bit longer due to the pandemic. Regardless, our production has not been affected. So far, we've had an amazing track record: two trade missions, two closed deals."

"The Business Intelligence Service implemented through ProCórdoba Agency by our Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining is designed to prepare the province's export offer for global demands and help Cordobese companies to position their products in strategic markets. Because our goal today is to ensure that ‘Córdoba Exports More,' and that's what all our efforts are directed at," stated Minister Eduardo Accastello.

With that in mind, the Agency develops an Export Development Program specifically designed to face the needs of each sector and company. At present the program is working with the dairy, milling, pasta & baking, auto parts, rubber & plastics, agricultural machinery and software sectors.