Business Intelligence Service

ProCórdoba Agency develops this service to offer assistance to the export activity through baseline surveying and field studies, and thus facilitate the search for new opportunities to different productive sectors of the Province of Córdoba. In this way, the Agency strives for adapting the Province’s export offer and bringing it together with international demands

The goal is to achieve a medium- and long-term vision of the export activity of each industrial sector in different potential markets, and with the information through obtained business intelligence studies, help companies position themselves and their products in such markets. That is to say, it intends to create an “observatory” that monitors the variables which have a direct impact on business in order to redefine strategies when necessary, as the context changes

In summary, the service includes the following steps:


  • Analysis of local productive sectors.
  • Selection of foreign countries holding a potential for each sector.
  • Study of the local offer, for which the Agency establishes a contact with companies in the corresponding productive sectors.
  • Exploratory missions. Foreign countries with a trade potential are visited to check for business opportunities for each sector.
  • Implementation of the Export Development Program (EDP), which is adjusted to the different needs and characteristics of each company.