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O setor de autopeças de Córdoba se posiciona no exterior

Companies from the Province of Córdoba that participate in the Business Intelligence Program for the Auto Parts Sector were visited by international operators from Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia.

The visits from potential importers to the facilities of Cordobese companies were organized as part of the activities of the Export Development Program (EDP) for the Auto Parts Sector. These companies prepared their foreign trade departments with the assistance of an expert consultant and ProCórdoba's business intelligence team. Once the firms acquired the necessary technical and commercial skills, the Agency worked together with the Federal Investment Council and the Chamber of Metallurgical Industries and Components to conduct this inward mission.
The goal of the mission was to enable entrepreneurs to engage in negotiations personally; thus, the Cordobese firms received the visit of eight potential importers. Worth noting is the fact that since each firm welcomed two or more operators at its facilities, the total number of visits reached 28. 

The Mission according to the Entrepreneurs

KÜGELLAGER SA Commercial Manager Gertrudis Cavallero explained

We manufacture tensioners and autotensioners. We are working together with the Government of the Province of Córdoba, through ProCórdoba Agency, in the business intelligence program under the group format. The group comprises seven companies in the sector which came together to learn about and enter new markets. We have participated in different fairs and trade missions, where we got to know potential clients that have now come to see our factory and learn about our products and work. This allows us to have certain conversations which would be otherwise difficult."

We trust the results will be very positive. We are already preparing quotes, and our greatest expectation is that new markets open up for us and we are able to remain in them," closed Cavallero.

Renotech is based in Vila das Belezas (São Paulo, Brazil). The company is a wholesale distributor that has 14 stores and specializes in spare parts for Renault cars. Foreign Trade Manager Ailton Lopes da Silva praised the Cordobese industry and said,

These companies offer very good quality and the province has a large industrial hub. I came looking for quality and good export conditions for Brazil, and I have seen strong possibilities of closing deals. Our automotive hub is very similar, which makes the exchange of spare parts with our company in Brazil much easier."

ProCórdoba's work is remarkable. It really helps to boost Cordobese companies. We need your products in Brazil, and this trade mission was just what we were looking for.  Were extremely grateful," closed Lopes da Silva.

The Federal Investment Council supports these trade missions because it considers them a particularly important tool for developing the productive sector at the local level. Sebastián Fruchart, representative of the Council's Regional Entrepreneur Development Funding Department, participated in the mission and expressed,

We believe these missions are an extremely useful tool for SMEs, especially because they allow potential importers (companies interested in buying Cordobese products) to visit the Province's firms and become familiar with their production processes."

ProCórdoba Agency thanks the local entrepreneurs and international operators for participating in the mission, and the development institutions for their support.