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Cura Té Alma: uma PME que avança a passo firme

ProCórdoba Agency for the Promotion of Export seeks to facilitate the internationalization of Cordobese firms, especially small- and medium-sized companies. The case of Cura Té Alma is one of those special businesses that combine creativity and innovation to take on foreign trade.


Cura Té Alma is a family business based in Río Cuarto, in the interior of Córdoba Province. It is devoted to the creation of natural original products, made from top-quality loose-leaf tea and rolled strips of tea from Argentina. Belén Avico, the Head of the company - and its soul -talked to us about their goal: "My objective is to position Argentine tea blends in supermarkets and stores around the world. Argentine tea has an excellent quality, and our country offers a great variety of flowers, fruits, berries, herbs and spices to blend it and add value to the product. We use aromatic herbs from Traslasierra, and flowers from the Patagonia such as calendula, cornflower and lavender, to name a few."  

The challenge many SMEs face is to overcome barriers to access foreign markets and offer products or services with added value, while achieving sustainability, in time, of the export activity. ProCórdoba Agency therefore offers assistance to these companies, helping them search for opportunities and preparing our province's export offer for global demands.

A Company with Steady Growth

Cura Té Alma keeps on growing. In 2018 it was selected among a number of applicants for the Acelerar España program, whose purpose is to support the internationalization of Argentine start‑ups and SMEs by giving them tools that accelerate and accompany their entry in the Spanish market.

"We are working hard preparing a 3 to 5 year business plan. The idea is to conquer the Argentine market first, and then the international market through a franchise system. We have already opened a store in Uruguay. During 2019, we intend to open one in Chile. We established a contact with this provider thanks to our participation in Food & Service, in turn possible because of ProCórdoba's assistance," explained Avico. 

On the other hand, the firm wants to expand to Europe (France, Spain, England, and Germany) through direct export and, in a few years, to Mexico.

The Head of the Company didn't miss the opportunity to give thanks: "We have been traveling to fairs abroad for years with the help and assistance of ProCórdoba. When we traveled to Paraguay, we managed to register our brand there. I am very grateful to ProCórdoba; their support was crucial. They helped us to participate in events and establish contacts, all of which gives you insight about the market and helps you grow. Besides, I am grateful and proud to have set up the business in Córdoba, where the Provincial Government has a true State policy to assist and accompany small- and medium-sized enterprises. The Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency has also given us support. We will soon be participating in Argentina Exporta." 

Cura Té Alma is a brand that seeks to encourage healthy living by caring for the body, mind, heart and soul.