In order to contribute to consolidating the export culture, ProCórdoba Agency opens up the possibility of carrying out Professional Practices for students of national and foreign institutions.

The development of these practices aims at validating the academic learning in order for students to have the ability to acquire knowledge and skills that only can be built up in the work context.

Requirements and steps to follow

1.Application: the educational institution will have to send a written request for the elaboration of a Framework Agreement to ProCórdoba Agency. It will have to be based on the areas of competence of our institution and the academic specialty.

2.Elaboration of the Framework Agreement: once the application has been accepted, the regulation and execution modality of the practice will be established according to current legislation (Education Internships and the Regulation of the Government of the Province of Córdoba, as established in Law 26427 -Decree Nº 131-Regulation Nº 1). It shall be subscribed by the highest authorities of both institutions.

3.Individual Agreement: after having made the Framework Agreement, an Individual Agreement will be made. It must contain personal information, work area, data of the appointed tutor, days and schedule for tasks to be developed and the number of hours to be spent. This document shall be subscribed by authorities of both institutions and the pre-professional person. 

The student will be able to develop his/her practices in the following areas:

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