Throughout the history of this province in Argentina, education and culture have been crucial in building a society that exceeds in training of men and women who are able to face social, political and economic changes. This prepares them to interact in an increasingly demanding and competitive world. 

Education and Culture define Córdoba which, being the epicenter of the first university in Argentina, has today become one of the most important educational centers in Latin America.

In Córdoba, a wide range of public and private educational institutions, at all levels develops professionals, technicians and workers respected worldwide.

Traditional and innovative careers respond to the demands of a society with great aspiration of progress. Thus, local human resources are qualified to compete in the most demanding markets.

More and more foreign users and consumers demand the excellence of professionals from Córdoba.

A clear example is the sustained growth in the provision of services related to Inbound and Language Tourism, Health, Food, Software, Design, Telemarketing, among others.