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New Tool Available to Visualize Córdoba's Foreign Trade Reports

A new resource is now available for the public, in line with the policy on access to information and interaction with institutions, academia, professionals and business chambers, which frequently resort to reports and data provided by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining. On ProCórdoba's website, those interested will find a new tool that allows them to visualize foreign trade reports in a dynamic and interactive manner, and serves as a complement to the traditional reports.

The Province's foreign trade reports are now lodged on a new public and free platform - managed by ProCórdoba's Technical & Commercial Information Department - which has a renewed format and allows you to visualize the information in a dynamic and interactive way, supported by real-time up-to-date graphs.

This new format guarantees that the data presented is current, since it updates constantly and automatically, the system being synchronized with the different sources that feed the information.

The reports offer details about Córdoba's export activity and facilitates an analysis of markets, profiles and trends, in order to offer technical support for public- and private-sector decision-makers in relation to the entry of Cordobese firms in international markets.

Foreign trade statistics offered by INDEC are enriched with a wide spectrum of information that leads to a rounded analysis of different countries. GDP per capita, population size and import and export data (%GDP) are obtained from the World Bank and included as general information. In addition, Comtrade is used to obtain information about the evolution of imports and exports and analyze the origin of imports by country, and thus see the position held by Argentina in the ranking.

At present, you will find information about trade exchanges with over 50 countries. After accessing the report, navigate it from the upper panel and move through tabs.

Now available on ProCórdoba Agency's website, only in Spanish.

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