Low Carbon & Circular Economy Business Action Program Launches in Córdoba

  • Organized by ProCórdoba Agency of the Provincial Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining, and the LCBA program in Argentina.
  • The initiative is financed by the European Union to promote the circular economy.
  • Its purpose is to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of Córdoba companies, the expansion of business opportunities and access to cutting-edge technologies.

A webinar was held to present the business opportunities offered by the LCBA platform, financed by the European Union (EU). The project helps those firms with specific technological needs to find European partners and builds a bridge between agents in the reduction of the carbon footprint, through the transfer of technology and knowledge.

Minister of Industry, Trade and Mining Eduardo Accastello celebrated the event and, referring to the importance of the circular economy, pointed out that the Province aspires to have solid, innovative and competitive companies that generate the necessary industrial products "to achieve energy efficiency and technologies that make this development possible in Córdoba and its relationship to the world."

Then, the Minister explained that in the coming days we will see the launch of the Strategic Industrial Alliance for the Circular Economy, a key initiative in Córdoba's decision to move forward in the conversion of its linear production matrix to a circular production matrix.

"At the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining, and the Productive Cabinet that we participate together with other provincial Ministries of the Government of Córdoba, we are fully committed to developing Circular Economy programs as a way to bring forth productive development where the care of the environment and the welfare of people are the guiding principles of all our public policies," said Minister Accastello.

The initiative is also being extended to other Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile and Colombia, in order to promote a sustainable transition towards a circular and low-carbon economy, supporting innovation and the sustainability of companies.

At the launching ceremony for the province of Córdoba, the Ambassador of the European Union in Argentina, Aude Maio-Coliche, presented the Program and explained that it is part of the European Green Deal, which seeks for all citizens to review their way of living, consuming and producing. "It is useless for Europe alone to work on this," she explained, "and that is why the EU is looking for partners in different parts of the world to strengthen change." In particular, she stressed, if we do not work with the business community, the project will not be successful. At the same time, she acknowledged that "transformation is neither easy nor fast for companies, especially if they are SMEs, and that is why the EU finances projects such as this one."

This Program supported by the European Union offers a green business platform that allows for the expansion of commercial opportunities as well as access to state-of-the-art technologies. It also provides technical and financial assistance (technical feasibility studies and financial coaching) and promotes innovative and sustainable projects.

For his part, the president of ProCórdoba Agency, Jorge Marcotegui, elaborated on the Agency's promotion and business policies that accompany and encourage Córdoba-based companies in their internationalization processes: "We are proud to have been chosen as strategic partners to carry out this program in the province of Córdoba. It allows us to continue promoting trade, while adding the component of a very important positive environmental effect." He added, "Those of us who have responsibility must face the challenge of making all economic activities sustainable. Taking into account the entrepreneurial spirit of Córdoba's business sector, this initiative will surely be put into practice."

These actions aim to increase the competitiveness of the industry in Latin America and, at the same time, contribute to a circular and low-carbon economy, improving resource efficiency in production and consumption models.

Meanwhile, LCBA Director in Argentina Simón González made the official launch of the call for Córdoba-based companies. He stated that they have been working to find European commercial and technological partners to establish contacts between companies from the old continent and our country. For Argentina there is a maximum quota of 20 companies, which will receive technical assistance to accelerate business processes between Argentina and Europe. In the new economy, explained González, companies will have to meet new requirements.

"The changes are already underway. Argentina has to get in the game if it wants to generate competitiveness and continue generating exports," he said. As he also expressed, numerous sectors of our country engage in trade with Europe. "This program is a good opportunity for companies to advance in the process of change: the first to arrive and the first to adapt to the new requirements will have more and better business opportunities," said the Director of LCBA, and he acknowledged with enthusiasm that the participation of the ProCórdoba Agency guarantees that the Program will reach a large part of the Córdoba business community.


About Low Carbon and Circular Economy Business Action

LCBA is a platform financed and supported by the European Union to promote technology and knowledge transfer. Its goal is to develop value-added relationships between EU suppliers of low-carbon technologies and companies seeking sustainable solutions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. This project is also being implemented in Mexico and Canada.