Export Groups Program

The main objective of the Export Groups Program is to increase and diversify the exports of different groups comprised of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the Province of Córdoba, through the following actions:

  • Identifying products and services with an export potential under the export group format.
  • Finding and opening calls for farmers and/or providers of those products and services who can be brought together to boost their exports as an export group. 
  • Identifying the training needs of the companies interested in the program. 
  • Conducting regular meetings in order to consolidate export groups.
Eligibility and Requirements

  • SMEs based in the Province of Córdoba. 
  • Companies must provide goods and/or services consistent with the characteristics of the group they want to belong to. 
  • Companies may or may not have experience in export, but they must in all cases be committed to and interested in exploring foreign markets. 
  • The export group must be comprised of company representatives that endorse and accept each and every other member of the group.  
  • Companies wishing to form an export group must belong to a particular productive sector, offer products that complement one another, and use the same trade channels abroad or other trading schemes which can be developed through concerted work.
  • The members of each group must make request to ProCórdoba Agency for their incorporation in the Export Groups Program, and at the same time suggest that a particular person be hired as coordinator. 
  • The term of the agreement entered into by the Agency, the export group members, and its coordinator shall be two years. The Program includes the payment by ProCórdoba Agency of 50% of the coordinator’s professional fees, the remaining 50% to be paid by the group. 
  • The coordinator’s role is to organize the group’s actions, which includes planning, together with the group members, the steps to follow or a business plan in order to enter foreign markets that have been decided upon as target markets.
Useful information
Click here to find a model agreement (only in Spanish) for the formation of export groups.
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