About Us

Located in the geographic center of the Argentine Republic, the Province of Córdoba constitutes a strategic point for foreign relations and regional integration among member countries of the Common Market of the South (in Spanish, MERCOSUR).

Its rich natural resources, diverse offer, consolidated industries with export experience, infrastructure available, and large number of professionals and skilled workers make Córdoba the most important production hub in the interior of the country. These characteristics offer a great advantage to Cordobese companies when it comes to working and conducting business abroad.

Aware of this and in order to encourage the internationalization of all productive sectors, the Government of the Province of Córdoba established ProCórdoba Agency, with competency in all matters related to the promotion of exports, under Act No. 8938 in June 2001.

ProCórdoba was established as a mixed-economy agency in which the public and private sectors work concertedly to promote foreign trade policy and the internationalization of companies, with the purpose of consolidating the export culture of the province and enabling the steady growth of companies and products in the international markets.´

Its board of directors is comprised of representatives from the Government of the Province of Córdoba, municipalities, and business chambers of different productive sectors and regions within the province.

- To promote the Export Offer of the Province of Córdoba, prioritizing its diversification and greater added value.
- To facilitate the process of internationalization of businesses, particularly small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
- To strengthen the export culture of the Province.


ProCórdoba is the public-private agency capable of offering the best and most innovative specialized tools and services to help companies, SMEs in particular, access foreign markets, attaining a sustainable export activity in Córdoba Province.

Considering all the above, the strategies that contribute to realizing ProCórdoba Agency's 2017-2019 strategic vision are defined under the following headings:

  1. Legal reorganization
  2. Impact measurement
  3. Segmented specialized services
  4. Business Intelligence Program
  5. External Communication Plan
  6. Presence in the interior of the Province
  7. Internal Communication Plan
  8. HR Policy