Córdoba, Argentina

ProCórdoba was reelected to integrate the RTPO Executive Committee


As part of the Annual Assembly of the International Network of Regional Trade Promotion (RTPO, its acronym in English), Agencia ProCórdoba was re-elected as a member of the RTPO Directory Committee for another four-year period.

In addition, the agency will continue as part of the Working Group on Visibility, which aims at spreading and positioning the network, while integrating with ACC10, from Catalonia, monitoring actions and projects with the Inter-American Development Bank (BID, in Spanish).

On this occasion, the RTPO Presidency was also renewed; that position went to the agency AWEX from Wallonia, and as the host for the next assembly in 2012, Quebec, Canada was selected.

The RTPO Annual Assembly was conducted from October 10 to October 14, in Brussels, Belgium, and on behalf of ProCórdoba the Directors Gerardo Juarez and Daniel Urcia, together with the Manager of International Relations and Cooperation, Viviana Arias, and the coordinator of the agency, Diego Garcia attended.

During this meeting, and as a member of the Group of Visibility, ProCórdoba also presented the results of the meeting held in September with the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank during the mission to Washington held together with ACC10 from Catalonia and Exportaminas from Minas Gerais.

Also, in the framework of actions taken during 2011, the agency presented the development of the website that was done for RTPO.

Meeting with Argentina Ambassadors

During the mission to participate in RTPO activities, the ProCórdoba delegation was able to generate and realize meetings with some Argentina diplomatic delegations in Europe.

Thus, in Brussels there was a meeting with the accredited Ambassador to Belgium, Jose Maria Vazquez Ocampo, and with the Minister Silvia Raiola, who were acquainted with the agency's actions and with the exporting productive sectors of Cordoba. Note that the next day the officer presented his credentials to the King of Belgium and the ProCórdoba representatives were invited to the reception held at the Ambassador's Residence. There, they were presented as visiting delegation to the guests, foreign diplomats and Belgian residents.

On the other hand, a meeting was also held with the Argentina Ambassador accredited to the European Union, Luis Jorge Remes Lenicov, and the commercial attache, Minister Gabriel Martinez. During this meeting, the ProCórdoba delegation gave statistical information on trade between Cordoba and the European Union as well as more promotion material on the Agency and the productive sectors of Cordoba, to the Argentina representatives.

The Ambassador offered, in turn, his collaboration to any request that from ProCórdoba would be requested.

Participation in the Open Days of European Regions

As part of this mission, ProCórdoba also participated in the ninth edition of the European Week of Regions organized by the European Union, through the Committee of the Regions (CDR) and the Regional Policy Directorate of the European Commission (DG REGIO).

In this way, the opportunity was to attend the inaugural meeting of the European Parliament in a plenary session of the CDR, together with the Regional Development Committee with the participation of the European Commission President, Mr. Jose Barroso.

With the motto "Regions and Cities guarantee smart, sustainable and inclusive growth ", the claim was checked of global trends on the importance of sub-national levels and of agencies operating at that level.

In different times and workshops certain issues were highlighted such as research and innovation, the increasing role of creative economies and industries, certain strategies for economic development and regional cooperation. In terms of actions taken by regional agencies, the importance of public-private partnerships (PPPs), the priority of giving greater emphasis on results and continuous assessment and the emphasis on ensuring the visibility of regional / sub-national policy was stressed.


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