Córdoba, Argentina

ProCórdoba will meet representatives of the World Bank and the IADB


From September 6th to September 8th, ProCórdoba authorities will meet officers of the World Bank and the Inter American Development Bank, in Washington, in line with activities organized by the Regional Trade Promotion Organizations International Network (RTPO).

The delegation is composed by the Director Gerardo Juárez, the Manager of International Relations and Cooperation, Viviana Arias; and the Coordinator of Competitiveness and Export Projects, Sandra Morales.

ProCórdoba is currently member of the Direction Committee and part of the Network’s Visibility Working Group of the RTPO network. That is why, together with the other member regions that are part of this working area, which are Gauteng Economic Development Agency, from South Africa, ACC10, from Catalonia, and Exportaminas, from Minas Gerais, will accomplish working agendas focused on informing these organizations about the RTPO’s characteristics and evaluating the possibilities of developing joint projects.

Among the programmed activities, there are meetings with the manager of the Integration and Commerce Sector, Antoni Estevadeordal, IADB, and Caroline Roberts, who is responsible for the Aid for Trade Initiative.  

Also, at the World Bank, there will be meetings with Daniel Lederman, Senior Economist of the Economic Development Research Group, and José Guilherme Reis, who leads the Commercial Competitiveness Program.

ProCórdoba and the RTPO have kept close links with the Inter American Development Bank, since at the RTPO’s Annual Meeting 2009 organized by Córdoba, Fabrizio Opertti and Christian Volpe, from the Integration and Commerce division of IADB-Washington, were among the lecturers.

Also, in 2010, ProCórdoba participated in the publication of the report “Odyssey in the international markets. An evaluation on the effectiveness of the promotion of exports in Latin America and the Caribbean". In this report, more than 30 national organizations in the world are analyzed and the agencies of Córdoba, Mendoza and Catalonia were included as regional experiences.
Likewise, ProCórdoba has contributed with the magazine Integración y Comercio, BID- Intal, with interviews done to the president of ProCórdoba, Oscar Guardianelli, and the Director Gerardo Juárez.

At present, and because of these previous experiences, the SMEs Internationalization Program is being implemented in the province, with ProCórdoba as the executing agency, organized by the National Ministry of Industry and Commerce with contributions of the Inter American Development Bank.

ProCórdoba is founding member of the RTPO and was presiding the network during the period 2009-2010.
In addition, and exclusively, the agenda in Washington for the delegation from Cordoba includes an interview with the Argentinean Ambassador accredited in the USA, Alfredo Chiaradía, at the Argentinean Embassy.

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