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In order to satisfy the growing demand for products on the part of foreign markets, companies need to be accompanied by policies that provided support for their export processes. ProCórdoba Agency is an enabler for the internationalization of Cordobese companies that works on the following objectives:

- To provide operational and technical support in all disciplines and activities related to Foreign Trade. 

- To strengthen and diversify international business encouraging the adding of value in exports. 

- To achieve an efficient internationalization of the companies and the introduction of the Province’s economic offer in foreign markets. 

- To promote the creation of association export strategies, in order to enlarge the presence of the Province’s products in foreign markets. 

- To train staff, in order to strengthen participation opportunities in international markets, by providing greater insight into their products, the most suitable markets and more concrete possibilities of carrying out the intended business activities. 

- To encourage covenants and agreements with national and international support institutions, in order to strengthen international cooperation. 

- To carry out efforts to establish active public policies, in order to enhance the competitiveness and performance of opportunities of local SMEs in foreign markets.



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