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Management Service for the Training of Export Groups

Management Service for the Training of Export Group aims at increasing and diversifying exports of different groups made up of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the Province of Córdoba through the following actions:

  • Identifying types of products and services that are likely to be exported under the modality of Export Groups. 
  • Searching for and bring together producers and/or providers of those products and services that can be complemented to boost their exports as Export Group. 
  • Identifying the training needs of the companies that are interested in the service. 
  • Conducting regular meetings in order to consolidate export groups.

Target Audience and Requirements

  • SMEs located within the province of Córdoba. 
  • Companies will have to produce goods and/or services compatible with the characteristics of the group they want to belong to. 
  • They may have export experience or not but in all the cases they will have to be committed to entering foreign markets. 
  • The export group must be made up of representatives of the companies that support and accept each member of the group.  
  • Those companies that want to make up an export group will have to belong to a particular productive sector, offer complementary products, and use the same trade channels abroad and other trade schemes that can be jointly developed.

Contacto con el Área

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Target groups of the program

Group Espinillo
Sector AgroParts
Coordinator Jordan Ferreyra
Group Operadores Receptivos Córdoba-Argentina
Sector Tourism Services
Coordinator Hernán Koyro
Group Córdoba Medical Care
Sector Health services
Coordinator Lic. Franco Cernotto
Group Córdoba Produce
Sector Audiovisual Services
Coordinator Lic. Franco Cernotto
Group Grupo Genética Arbo
Sector Animal genetics
Coordinator Victoria Baldaccini
Sector Industrial Hardware
Coordinator Daiana Oliva
Group Consorcio de legumbres de Córdoba
Sector Leguminous Vegetables Producers
Coordinator Miguel Alan Mayne
Group Dulcor gourmet
Sector Gourmet Food
Coordinator Angelo Contini
Sector Expellers soya beans and premixtures for animal feed 
Coordinator Ing. Juan Carlos Giaccone
Group Alfa Pro
Sector Alfalfa Producer's
Coordinator Miguel Alan Mayne
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Grupo SEA
Setor Humanitarian Aid
Coordinator Viviana Arias

Service Offices

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