Córdoba, Argentina
Cordoba al Pais
Exportadores de Córdoba

Intranational Trade Program

Vision: To position the Province of Córdoba as a center of entry and exit of products to the world.

Mission: To promote the productive capacity of goods and services of the enterprises in the Province of Córdoba with the objective of strengthening trade and intranational investment, the creation of new exporters and the creation of strategic partnerships for international expansion. 

Lines of action

  1. To develop tools to promote trade among domestic enterprises, reaching agreements and investments that enable them to increase their exports. Additionally, their participation in international fairs and missions will be promoted.
  1. To expand the commercial insertion in other provinces and train the companies of Córdoba to export, to which business intelligence tasks will be permanently held. 
  1. To have permanent and updated information about enterprises of Córdoba, particularly about SMEs.
  1. To strengthen institutional cooperation with national agencies.
  1. To identify and make available opportunities by monitoring the demands of other provinces, permanent monitoring of tenders at national level, benefits, financing and business opportunities.
  1. To organize and provide assistance to companies of Córdoba in the participation in trade fairs and missions of national prominence.


Entrepreneurs of the Province of Córdoba interested in commercializing their products and services nationwide.

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