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Córdoba Exports Reached a Total 7,881 Million Dollars in 2017


Córdoba Exports Reached a Total 7,881 Million Dollars in 2017

ProCórdoba Agency’s Technical & Commercial Information Department informs that, according to data provided by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC), exports from Córdoba reached a total 7,881 million dollars in 2017. This accounts for 13% of the country’s exports and leaves Córdoba in the third place among the largest exporting provinces, after Buenos Aires (first place) and Santa Fe (second place).

The amount evidences a 5% fall compared to 2016, which can be explained by a drop in the value of shipments to the province’s main trade partners, which account for 30% of Córdoba exports: Brazil (-10%), China (-16%) and Viet Nam (-17%). On the other hand, destinations included among the province’s top ten had a positive performance: the Netherlands (+38%), Chile (+11%) and Algeria (+23%).

Cordobese companies exported their output to 157 destinations in the last year. The top 20 destinations concentrated 78% of the exported value, and a total 928 different products (at the sixdigit level of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System).

Exports by broad categories were distributed as follows: articles of agricultural origin (in Spanish, MOA) represented 48.9% of the total, whereas primary products (PP) amounted to 37% and articles industrial origin articles (in Spanish, MOI) represented 14.6%.

As for primary products, the main recipient of Córdoba’s shipments was Chine, sharing 26% of the total exports; and it was followed by Viet Nam, Algeria, Brazil and Egypt, whose percentage shares are around 8%.

There is a higher deconcentration of articles of agricultural origin in relation to markets, the main destination being Viet Nam (11%), which is followed by India and Indonesia (7% each). Finally, articles of industrial origin are mainly destined to Brazil (46%) and, in the second and third places, to the United States (9%) and Germany (9%).

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