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Brazilian Companies Invest in Argentina: a New Agreement for the Benefit of the Province


 Brazilian Companies Invest in Argentina: a New Agreement for the Benefit of the Province

Brazilian companies Embalpharma and Milkpharma will invest USD 5,500,000 to establish firms in Villa María. It is expected that together they will employ around 130 people within 36 months. Embalpharma is devoted to the manufacture of plastic containers for transporting and preserving milk samples, whereas Milkpharma produces the preservative tablets that go within the containers.

The establishment of the companies in Córdoba will be possible thanks to the involvement and commitment of key players both in Brazil and in our country. It was the result of teamwork and collaboration between the Government of the Province of Córdoba - through the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining, and ProCórdoba Agency - and the Argentine Consulate in Florianopolis, and it will yield benefits for all parties involved.

This new investment project was born in the mind of Márcia Reis, President of the Brazilian corporations, who saw the potential to expand in Argentina and initiated enquiries in different provinces. The companies contacted ProCórdoba through Argentine Consul Gustavo Coppa. Special merit goes to Agronomist Javier Dufourquet, Argentina's Agricultural Attaché in Brazil, who made it his personal business to see things through and informed ProCórdoba Agency about the interest shown by the Brazilian companies.

From there, the work was shared between different actors with the same goal in mind.

The first objective was to arrange for a visit to our province. The agenda had to include a tour around the most important dairy farming areas in Córdoba, particularly focusing on San Francisco and Villa María.

Considering the dairy market and logistic aspects, meetings were arranged with municipal authorities, tours were conducted around the industrial hubs in Villa María and San Francisco, and visits were done to universities, dairy plants and labs in the area. In addition, the foreign companies met with customs brokers and representatives of logistics and international transportation, and legal-accounting firms.

This trip took place in September. All the efforts bore fruit as the entourage from Brazil, led by Márcia Reis, developed a better business project: they would manufacture their products in Córdoba to set up a distribution center that would allow them to become providers in new markets.

The decision, in the end, was to set up shop in Villa María. It is here that they will implement the project. A first stage involves setting up a distribution center for the products brought from Brazil. In a second stage during the first months of 2019, plants will be built in Villa María, which will be devoted to the manufacture of products to be exported from Córdoba to the rest of the world.

An Innovative Process

It should be highlighted that both companies bring along great technological advancements. During her previous trips to Argentina, Márcia Reis presented to potential clients innovative dairy plants and milk quality analysis labs.

These modern technologies enable the daily and permanent collection of milk samples without the need for feeding the preservative (3 drops in every container) manually. At present in Argentina, this has to be done at dawn by the worker collecting the milk at the yard which goes to the dairy plant.

The innovation allows for the use of a solid tablet - manufactured by Milkpharma - which contains the exact amount of preservative, thus guaranteeing that the sample reaches the lab exactly as it was when it left the yard.

The preservative tablet is added to the Embalpharma-manufactured containers in an automated line, which provides a sterile kit for the collection of samples.

Brazil has not used liquid preservatives for milk samples for 8 years now as a result of the presence, all around the country, of these companies which will now open new manufacturing facilities in Argentina.

These will not be subsidiaries of a parent company in Brazil: they will be Argentine companies set up to supply the domestic market from Villa María and develop the Latin American and other international markets.


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